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Advice from former students -

This class meets in the fall semester only.

Lecture: Histology can help link Physiology to Anatomy. Make sure that you find everything in lab, even though this can be challenging. Ask questions of the professor, the super-technician (she is great), and the AI. You will see everything if you ask for help and stay long enough. Consider drawing what you see in lab with colored pencils as this helps when reviewing for exams.

Exams: Lecture and lab exams are on the same day. Lecture exams are multiple-choice. Some old exams are provided and are somewhat helpful, as well as a review sheet of terms to know (Mescher). Lab questions are mostly identification in style and can be tough. Don't forget to study the electron micrographs! The final is a nationally written shelf exam.

Texts: (Fall 2013) Junqueira’s Basic Histology: Text & Atlas,


 Online Resources -

The University of Iowa School of Medicine has developed a site with a number of tissues, both normal and diseased, scanned for virtual microscope viewing. This is the link to their general site. Choose the Histology Atlas tab on the main page. You'll figure it out from there.

Indiana University School of Medicine (IUPUI) offers a great site. It not only includes systemic and general pathology topics, but you will find a large normal histology section as well.

  The University of Utah hosts a fabulous site for teaching pathology, and portions of it are devoted to normal anatomy and slide staining techniques.

This site from the Cleveland Clinic and Case Western Reserve. There are lots of virtual slides to review, but little in the way discussion.

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