Microbiology/ Immunology

M540 Microbiology Course syllabus Fall 2013- Click Here.


Advice from former students -

This is one of the best courses you will have in the fall. It is taught at the hospital and is full of the most clinically-relevant material of your first year.

Lecture: Dr. Tom Hrismalos is great because he is a practicing physician and can give actual accounts of almost everything. He will do his best to gross you out with slides of bacterial infections as well as tell you lots of funny stories. Be sure to ask him about the gifts he has received. While there is a lot of memorization required, consider it time well spent as it is all on the boards. His handouts are complete; know as much as you can from them. You will miss this class second semester.

Exams: The exams will be challenging and thorough. They are mostly clinical vignettes. They are similar to the microbiology questions on the boards. He will occasionally use questions from the back of the Levinson and Jawetz text. He does provide old exams. The final is difficult. It is a comprehensive statewide final with 100 microbiology questions and 50 immunology questions. However, if you know the material you will do well.

Online Resources -

University of Florida, Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases - Practice Exams

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