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  • National Academies of Practice (NAP) Inducts Rebecca A. Feather, Douglas E. Carr, & Deanna L Reising

    Apr 9th, 2016

    NAP is an interdisciplinary, nonprofit organization, with membership representing 14 health care professions willing to serve as distinguished advisors to health care policy makers in Congress and elsewhere. Membership in the NAP is an honor extended to those who have excelled in their profession and are dedicated to furthering practice, scholarship and policy in support of interprofessional care.

    Faculty Mentor Award given to Dr. Kenneth Nephew

    Apr 14th, 2016

    Kenneth P. Nephew, Professor of Cellular and Integrative Physiology, was selected as the Graduate and Professional Student Government and University Graduate School Faculty Mentor Award Winner for 2015-2016. An independent group of graduate students chose him from many qualified nominees, and his nomination letter praised his ability to involve students in his work, provide them with the support necessary for achieving their personal goals, and foster independent thinking.

    Congratulations to graduate student Ali Ozes for receiving a Research Award from the IU Graduate and Professional Student Government

    Apr 7th, 2016


    NF-kB-HOTAIR axis links DNA damage response, chemoresistance and cellular senescence in ovarian cancer.

    Özes AR, Miller DF, Özes ON, Fang F, Liu Y, Matei D, Huang T, Nephew KP

    To edit or not to edit: regulation of ADAR editing specificity and efficiency.

    Deffit SN, Hundley HA.

    Dichloroacetate increases the radiation sensitivity of A549 and H1299 lung cancer cell lines to X-rays

    Allen, K.T., Chin-Sinex, H., Sherer, J.D., Deluca, T., Pomerening, J.R., Schrerer, J., Watkins, J.B., Foley, J.G., Jesseph, J.M., and Mendonca, M.S.

    Implementation of an education-focused PhD program in anatomy and cell biology at Indiana University: Lessons learned and future challenges

    Brokaw JJ, O'Loughlin VD.

  • Tony Huang, PhD

    Apr. 4th, 4pm JH 009

    Associate Professor
    Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology
    NYU School of Medicine

    Angela Ting, PhD

    Apr. 11th, 4pm JH 009

    Associate Staff
    Cleveland Clinic
    Genomic Medicine Institute
    Lerner Research Institute

    Mike Blower, PhD

    Apr. 18th, 4pm JH 009

    Associate Professor
    Department of Molecular Biology, Massachusetts General Hospital Dept. of Genetics
    Harvard Medical School
    Boston, MA

    Targeting Lipid Metabolism in Ovarian Cancer

    Apr. 25th, 4pm JH 009

    Andras Ladanyi, M.D., PhD
    Assistant Professor, Department of Obstetrics
    and Gynecology, Division of Gynecologic Oncology
    University of Illinois College of Medicine

  • CME conference

    Modern Management of the Sleep Apnea Patient

    Wednesday, Mar 30th

    Lawrence McBride, MD
    IU Health Southern Indiana Physicians – ENT
    Bloomington, IN

    Novel Anticoagulants & Reversal Treatments

    Friday, Apr 1st

    Kristen Jones, Pharma
    IU Health University,
    Indianapolis, IN

    Difficult to Treat Asthma in Children

    Friday, Apr 8th

    Nadia Krupp, MD
    Cindy Fiscus, RN, BSN, AE-C
    Riley Hospital for Children
    Indianapolis, IN

    Breast Milk as a Medicine: A NICU Emphasis

    Friday, Apr 15th

    Ekanem Akinola, MD
    St. Vincents Women’s – Neonatology
    Indianapolis, IN

    Someone You Love: HPV Epidemic DVD Presentation Only

    Wednesday, Apr 27th
    12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

    This award-winning documentary takes a look into the lives of 5 brave women affected by HPV. Their stories portray the misconceptions, stigma, shame, heartbreak, pain, and triumph that they experience while battling cervical cancer.

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