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  • Medical Sciences wins top IU team at Hoosiers Outrun Cancer 2015

    Sept 28th, 2015

    Over 30 Medical Sciences graduate students, medical students and faculty participated in Hoosiers Outrun Cancer 2015 this September 26, 2015. All were part of the Medical Sciences running team, which won the HOC award for top IU team.

    A study led by Dr. Sachiko Koyama shows cross-generational influence of male pheromone on female mice

    Jul 1st, 2015

    In a study led by Associate Research Scientist Sachiko Koyama of Anatomy and Cell Biology, exposure of female mice to male murine pheromone was found to induce mammary gland expansion and to improve cognitive function in the next generation.

    Microenvironment-induced downregulation of miR-193b drives ovarian cancer metastasis

    Apr 28th, 2015

    Anirban K Mitra, Assistant Professor of Medical and Molecular Genetics has recently published his research in Oncogene. His study links paracrine signals from the microenvironment to the regulation of a key miRNA - miR-193b - in ovarian cancer cells, which promotes metastatic colonization.


    Dichloroacetate increases the radiation sensitivity of A549 and H1299 lung cancer cell lines to X-rays

    Allen, K.T., Chin-Sinex, H., Sherer, J.D., Deluca, T., Pomerening, J.R., Schrerer, J., Watkins, J.B., Foley, J.G., Jesseph, J.M., and Mendonca, M.S.

    Implementation of an education-focused PhD program in anatomy and cell biology at Indiana University: Lessons learned and future challenges

    Brokaw JJ, O'Loughlin VD.

    The Blooming Anatomy Tool (BAT): A discipline-specific rubric for utilizing Bloom's taxonomy in the design and evaluation of assessments in the anatomical sciences.

    Thompson AR, O'Loughlin VD.

  • “DNA motif switching and histone H3K4 methylation in cancers”

    Sept. 28, 4pm JH 009

    Qianben Wang, PhD
    Associate Professor
    Department of Molecular Virology, Immunology and Medical Genetics and the Comprehensive Cancer Center
    College of Medicine the Ohio State University

    “Targeting histone modifiers for cancer therapeutics”

    Oct. 5th, 4pm JH 009

    Roberto Pili, MD
    The Robert Wallace Miller Professor of Medicine
    Head of Genitourinary Oncology Division of Hematology

    “Mitotic defects in tumor promotion, suppression, and response to chemotherapy”

    Oct. 12th, 4pm JH 009

    Beth Weaver, PhD
    Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Cell and Regenerative Biology
    Ph.D. University of California, San Diego
    Postdoctoral Research, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research

    “Biochemical and Genetic Dissection of BRCA2”

    Oct. 26th, 4pm JH 009

    Ryan Jensen, PhD
    Assistant Professor
    Yale School of Medicine
    New Haven, CT

  • CME conference

    Venous Thromboembolism

    Friday, Sept 25th

    Lee McKinley, MD
    IU Health Southern Indiana Physicians
    Bloomington, IN

    EKG Seminar – Case Presentations

    Wednesday, Sept 30th

    John Strobel, MD
    Premier Healthcare
    Bloomington, IN

    Reproductive Care

    Friday, Oct 2nd

    Mike Henry, MD
    IU Health Southern Indiana Physicians for Women
    Bloomington, IN

    Palliative Medicine

    Wednesday, Oct 14th

    Kenneth Cornetta, MD
    IU Health Bloomington Hospital Palliative Care

    EKG Seminar – Case Presentations

    Friday, Oct 16th

    John Strobel, MD
    Premier Healthcare

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